Enshu Sado School

Enshu Sado School is one of the representative schools of tea in Japan. Its founder was Kobori Enshu, a feudal load in early Edo period -17th century – who is known as a great artist with wide range. We have kept our tradition for over 400 years from the founder’s era. The essence of Enshu Sado School is said to be in “ Kirei-sabi”. Kirei-sabi is an esthetic world created by Enshu Kobori. The meaning is gracefulness with simplicity. Kirei sabi has its origin in ancient Japanese sense of beauty, which is closely related to waka of the Heian period.

The way of tea before Ehshu emphasized only spirituality- which is called  “wabi”or “sabi”. Enshu has brought  visual beauty,  brightness and luxury in good taste. He succeeded to created elegant and beautiful world appearing to anybody. In other words, he established subjective harmonious esthetic orders.

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